Wandering Spirits

A National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Wandering Spirits is a collection of whimsical tales that feed the soul, tug the heart, and spark the mind.

Inspired by classic books like The Little Prince, these delightfully illustrated fables follow a variety of charming animal characters as they embark on fantastical yet profoundly relatable quests.

In this book, you’ll meet:

Great for children and adults alike, and appropriate for both secular and religious audiences, these stories will both entertain and offer helpful perspectives on how to view the world and navigate its many winding paths.

Wandering Spirits
Wandering Spirits
Wandering Spirits

The book is available for purchase on Amazon storefronts globally, so if you’re outside of the U.S., just search for “wandering spirits salman ansari” in your region’s Amazon storefront (e.g. Amazon UK, Amazon CA, etc.).

If you’d like to get a taste of the book, you can read read a Kindle preview of the opening Prologue.

You can also find the book on, Barnes n Noble, Apple Books and Kobo Books.

Wandering Spirits

I thought this was more of a kids book, but realized how deep the stories go. It made me stop and think a little bit about the situations these animals get into and how they can be applied to real life and even my own life! Salman has done a fantastic job at capturing the feelings and challenges these animals are going through while making something really fresh and modern. The illustrations are gorgeous and really help add a lot of color to these stories. I couldn’t put the book down.” —Ahmed Siddiqui, Best-selling Author of Anatomy of a Swipe

“These fables are great and poignant — there have been some really arresting moments of magical realism that I particularly loved. Almost like Aesop meets Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The illustrations are wonderful as well!” —Tyler Willis, Founder @ Unsupervised AI

I felt transported to a wondrous intimate world with its beautiful writing and illustrations … The wisdom of these fables are timeless and universal! It’s something I will return to again and again. I highly recommend picking this up, whether it’s for someone young or old, they will find it comforting for their soul.” —Fahd Butt

“A refreshing collection of new fables with modern lessons and soothing illustrations. I often wonder why there aren’t more fables out there. Everyone is still content with Aesop. But as Salman shows in his book, these stories are not merely for children-they hold lessons in conformity, humility, and friendship among others. It’s family friendly, but adult-relevant.” —Camilo Moreno-Salamanca

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P.S. If you’re curious to learn about the process I went through to write and illustrate the book, I’ve shared some behind-the-scenes notes for free here: Writing a Book of Fables.

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