Salman Ansari


👋🏽 Hi! I’m Salman

I live my life embracing my inner polymath, wearing different hats — startup founder, CTO, web & iOS engineer, teacher, writer, illustrator and DJ, to name a few.

This website is a digital garden for my writing—essays, notes, newsletters and more. Writing online has changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has opened new doors, helped me build self-awareness, and fostered new friendships. Most of all, it gives me a channel to discover and express my truest self. If you’re curious to explore the power of writing, be sure to check out my free writing guide.


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📖 Fables

Wandering Spirits: I’m writing and illustrating a book of fables. Inspired by books like The Little Prince, it’s filled with tales that feed the soul, tug the heart and spark the mind. After more than two years of work, I’ve finished writing, editing and illustrating the manuscript. I’m now working on preparing paperback, hardcover and digital ebook editions of the book, and hope to publish them soon!

frog and beaver

Modern Fables: I’ve also launched a new section of my newsletter dedicated to fables. Check out some of the stories I’ve shared: The Boat of Stillness, The Other Side, and Pay the Piper.


🦊 Newsletter

I write the Quick Brown Fox newsletter: A weekly newsletter with essays, comics and fables on creativity, self-awareness, and playful productivity. You can subscribe below, or browse the archives to view all the past editions.

Quick Brown Fox

If you have questions or just want to chat sometime, feel free to get in touch—I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!