👋🏽 Hey there! I’m Salman. I live my life embracing my inner polymath, wearing lot of hats — startup founder, CTO, web & iOS engineer, teacher, writer, illustrator and DJ, to name a few.

🦊 I write the Quick Brown Fox newsletter. It’s about creativity, self-awareness and learning in public. I share essays, notes, videos, illustrations, animations and all my learnings on the creative process along the way.


📝 I publish essays on my blog, and maintain a digital garden of my notes.

My most popular piece of writing is The Polymath Playbook. I share the story of my life, and offer a guide to the benefits of embracing a polymath lifestyle — embracing multiple pursuits instead of becoming a specialist in one area. When the post went viral, I realized I wasn’t alone. You might also enjoy these posts:

🐦 I’m @daretorant on Twitter — I spend a fair bit of time on there, so come say hi 👋🏽. You might enjoy this thread of my best threads.

🎥 I publish videos on my YouTube channel. You might enjoy one on managing your energy, the meaning and purpose of work, or my plea for you to stop hesitating and start publishing.

📚 I read a lot of books. Check out my favorite books, and please share yours! I spend a lot of energy choosing the right books to read, and recently wrote about why books resonate.

🎨 I love to draw and enjoy illustrating comic-style characters. I’m also a huge fan of animation, and have been experimenting with animation tools. You can follow all my art on Instagram — @salmanscribbles.

Some of my character illustrations

🎙 I do a fair bit of public speaking through conference talks, teaching courses, and guest interviews on podcasts. Check out my speaking page for a full list. If you’re looking for a podcast interview of mine, you might enjoy my interview with Brandon Zhang exploring polymathic principles and creativity.

😊 Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to learn even more about me, you can check out my work page, or get in touch if you have questions, want to collaborate, or have a chat sometime. I’d love to talk to you about writing, drawing, creativity, self-awareness, philosophy, or your favorite book!