Writing a Book of Fables

I’ve published a few videos sharing my progress in writing the book, which I began working on in March of 2021. My biggest takeaway is that if you have an idea for a book, and it’s been bugging you for a long while, write it! At a minimum, you’ll let go of a creative burden and feel lighter. At best, you’ll go on to edit and publish a book into the world.

Narrating A Book of Fables - In this newsletter, I shared some lessons I learned on optimizing my audio setup, as well as my first forays into voice acting.

Why I’m Writing This Book - I share a bit more detail about the motivation and inspiration that led me to start work on this book.

One Year of Writing — After I spent over a year working on this book, I shared some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way from the drafting, developmental editing, and early publishing research phases.

Showing Up — At first, the idea of writing a book seemed incredibly intimidating. But with the help of habits, community and a little self-compassion, I found a way forward. The most powerful advice I received came from Seth Godin, on the magic of showing up one day, one hour, one minute at a time:

“We’re not entitled to an audience, to applause or to make a living. The work we most want to do, the thing that pushes us to show up — it might not resonate with the audience we bring it to.

There’s no guarantee, none at all.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show up. The lack of a guarantee is precisely why the work is worth doing, because it’s the guarantee that we’ve been brainwashed to require, and without it, few people have the guts enough to show up anyway.”

For even more learnings, check out these notes in my digital garden:

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