📝 Writing Guide

This is a collection of notes and thoughts on my writing process that I’ve picked up on my own journey over the years. If there’s an area that you’d be curious to see me talk about or expand on, let me know!

Getting Started

A big part of writing is constantly fighting our own demons. We have to get past them in order to let our writing come through. Then we have to do it again, and again, and again. You must be prolific with your writing in order to really see its benefits. Focus on building and maintaining your momentum.

Finding Your Why

It’s incredibly valuable to be prolific with your writing. It’s hard to do that unless you find and preserve your writing motivation. Without it, all the tools and tricks in the world won’t help you. You need to find your own why so that it can fuel you as you embark on your own writing journey.

Leveling Up

Seeking Inspiration

Choosing the right inputs to feed your thinking is a crucial part of good writing. Be mindful of what you read, and try to fully absorb the material that can fuel your writing. Quality over quantity is a good approach here.

I find that reading great books is the best way to learn to write. That said, there are some resources I’ve encountered which are just too full of wisdom to ignore. Here are some of my favorite books and resources on writing: