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My most popular interview was with Brandon Zhang for his podcast, Student Mindset, on Creativity, Polymath Principles, How to Pick Books that Resonate:



I’ve taught a variety of classes both in the part-time and full-time format. I really enjoy seeing the passion and progress of students, and helping them realize their own ambitions.

My most extensive and rewarding teaching experience was when I helped start a coding bootcamp in Cape Town, South Africa as the Head Instructor launching a new Full-stack Web Development Immersive at iXperience. I wrote a post about my incredible experience teaching there. I felt honored to teach such great students - as a token of their appreciation, they gifted me with a website filled with messages of appreciation for me (you can see the different classes at the top, and then click on names to see some of the messages). I was almost in tears when I first saw it, and much like my relationships with the students, it’s something I will cherish forever!

I’ve also taught courses and workshops at General Assembly: