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I’m Salman.

iOS Projects

I’m currently working on the Facebook app, building out the Facebook Watch experience as part of the iOS team.

Facebook Watch

Below are a few samples of some iOS projects I’ve worked on in the past. I learned a lot of lessons while building these apps (but also have learned a lot since building them, such as the importance of subtle animations). I wanted to share some of the demos below to demonstrate my desire to strive for the best possible UX, even in places the user may possibly have lower expectations (e.g. healthcare or enterprise tools). Instead of an excuse to settle, I look at such situations as opportunities to go the extra mile and stand out.


Rested provided an end-to-end solution for patients to get screening and treatment for sleep apnea. As co-founder & CTO, I built the iOS app which included the sleep apnea screening survey demo’d here. Normally, this is the kind of thing that you fill out with a clipboard in an office – it’s usually boring. I built the app to be simple and fun, using animations to bring it to life. The result was that more than 80% of users completed the sleep survey, far beyond our expectations (especially given industry standards for onboarding). It was the only app on the App Store that enabled users to get screening and treatment for sleep apnea without visiting a doctor’s office.


The Oracle Social app for iOS provided enterprise users with the ability to manage their social inbox on mobile. In addition to making mass actions as simple possible, my goal was to try and make social community management fun.


This app never made it to the App Store, but it was the first app I designed myself (in Sketch), which really pushed me to think a lot more about Mobile Design best practices. The idea behind the app was to help drivers for the different ride-sharing services to connect with each other through a community. Often, the conditions for them can be difficult, and they could benefit from shared advice and support.