Salman Ansari


I’m an engineer, startup founder and team leader with over a decade of experience in software development, understanding customers, and building successful products. I’m currently working on the iOS team at Facebook.

Previously, I spent a couple of years building a healthcare startup (Rested) as its cofounder & CTO, based out of the fund/incubator platform Atomic Labs. We were focused on providing screening and treatment for sleep disorders like sleep apnea. I built the iOS app used by patients, the backend Rails API, and the admin dashboard used by doctors. Over time, I built and grew the engineering and product teams needed to serve our growing customer needs.

Prior to that, I had joined a couple of friends to build a startup (Involver) in the social marketing space. As its founding engineer, I built the core architecture of the Involver platform, and led development and growth for the core product suite and engineering team. With strong customer adoption and retention in the B2B and Enterprise markets, Involver was acquired by Oracle, where I went on to lead critical initiatives including the integration of social products into Oracle’s marketing suite, and the launch of a new Oracle Social mobile application.

You can connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or reach out by email. For more details on my work experience, checkout my resume.

iOS Projects

You can check out a summary of some of the iOS apps I’ve worked on here.


I’ve taught a variety of classes both in the part-time and full-time format. I really enjoy seeing the passion and progress of students, and helping them realize their own ambitions. Some of my teaching stints include:

Public Speaking

I’ve done a fair bit of speaking, and here are a few of the talks that are available online:

A Brief Tour of Animation, Oracle HQ, Redwood City, CA

Listen to Yourself, Monta Vista Technology Symposium, Cupertino, CA

Test-Driven Development as a Process, General Assembly, New York, NY

Metaprogramming with Ruby, RubyBlind, New York, NY

Socially Enable Your Enterprise For Success, Oracle CloudWorld, Mumbai, India

Social Proof

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of wonderful people. Here are some of the things people have said about working with me: