Agile & Lean Startup Training

Whether you’re already leveraging Agile/Lean Startup techniques in your business, or are just looking to get started, investing in training can help transform your company culture to enable new channels of innovation. This training will enable you to build the right features faster.

Having built products from the founding stages through acquisition and integrating into an enterprise company, I’ve learned the best practices for teams as well as how larger corporations can implement them. This training is designed so that you can walk away with a clear understanding of the principles, and start changing how your team works today.

We will focus on each area of the product development cycle to ensure you are optimizing your process from end-to-end. This workship includes training on the following:

User Research

Prototyping MVPs

Feature Experimentation

Team Sprints

Quality as a Process

Product Roadmap

This is a half-day workshop with limited availability. Along with the training session, you will also receive a PDF with actionable guidelines around the topics covered. If you’re interested in this training, please get in touch below: