Peeling the Onion

Sometimes it feels like there’s a huge weight or burden hanging on our creative work, and it becomes impossible to let it out into the world. But our creations don’t have to be perfect. They just have to exist.

“You are not required to save the world with your creativity.” —Liz Gilbert

It’s okay to make things for fun, for learning, or just for the sake of making them! Creativity is hard enough without the burden of meaning.

As I look back at my own writing, I’ve come to believe that a big part of why I publish is simply to make room for what comes next. The more I think about this, the more I wonder if what I’m writing now is just the ‘surface level’.

“Nothing is wasted when you are a writer. The stuff that doesn’t work has to be written to make way for the stuff that might.” —Abigail Thomas

If every essay I write peels another layer of the onion, then what lies beneath? I’m genuinely excited to find out!