I'm an engineer & entrepreneur who loves to build web and mobile products. I'm also really passionate about design, teaching, writing, and music.

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Recent Projects

Oracle SRM

An enterprise mobile app that serves as an inbox for all your brand's social activity. Click here to see some fun animations I implemented in the app!


This app was a finalist during the StartupBus 2014 hackathon. It had a simple purpose: use your calendar to map out exactly where you need to go next. Just like a compass, you can pull it out at any time and it'll point you to your next destination (based on your calendar).


This is an app that I designed and prototyped in my free time. The idea was to built a tool to help connect Uber/Lyft drivers.



  • iXperience, Cape Town, South Africa

    I flew to Cape Town to build an entirely new education program -- our goal was to teach web development skills to students from colleges across America. As the company was just being launched, I played a key role in helping to found the program in its first iterations. I built the entire curriculum (Ruby, Rails, Entrepreneurship, Design, and much more) and taught the two inaugural sessions of the program in 2014, and another session in 2015 (each session lasts one month and is an all-day intensive format). I wrote a very detailed account of my incredible experience on Medium. The relationship I built with the students cannot be described in words, but as an example of how amazing this group was, the students built a tribute site for me as a going-away present: http://salman.ixperience.co.za. No form of compensation could even come close to the value of this gift. I will cherish it forever.

  • General Assembly, New York & San Francisco

    My relationship with GA started by teaching BEWD (Back-End Web Development) in New York, which was an incredibly fun experience. Some of my students are my best friends today, and it taught me how amazing the experience of teaching can be. Since then, I've had the chance to give numerous talks, sit on countless panels, and most recently started teaching a workshop on Building Startup Ideas.
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    I'm not really sure how to describe Dare To Rant, other than to say it's the place I go when I want to really rant about something (admittedly, it's been a while!). These are long-form essays purely for your entertainment and my venting purposes. Read with a smile :)


I'm a major audiophile, and particularly love progressive house and techno, as well as Bhangra and Bollywood (Indian music). My favorite artist is Eric Prydz, and I have seen him all over the world (London, SF, NYC, Toronto, Miami and more... Yes, I'm obsessed!). I take the music I love and use DJing as a creative outlet to share it with the world. You can listen to my sets below... I spin as DJ Dare. Enjoy!