Hi, I'm Salman.

I'm a founder, engineer and teacher.

I've spent the last 10+ years building companies, and now I'm sharing my learnings with entrepreneurs and executives around the world through mentorship and coaching. You can follow me on Twitter and Medium.


I offer strategic consulting engagements for entrepreneurs and executives. My unique experience across a variety of roles enables me to provide high-value mentorship and guidance. Some of my key roles in the past include:

I have led teams, products and companies through every stage of the lifecycle: starting a company as a founder, scaling the product and teams during high growth, startup acquisition into a larger entity, and integrating products and teams to succeed in an enterprise environment. You can learn more about my prior work on LinkedIn.

I'd love to help you take your company to the next stage. If you're interested in working together, please inquire here.

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  • Conducting product reviews to provide feedback on feature gaps, user experience, customer fit, onboarding, branding, etc.
  • Guiding the implementation of powerful metrics tracking tools, providing trainings on best practice tools and techniques
  • Working directly with leaders to help them re-prioritize their own workloads to better leverage their strengths against team needs
  • Participating in architecture planning sessions to design solutions for major upcoming migrations and product changes
  • Reviewing the technology frameworks, programming languages, and systems in place to ensure they are the best fit for the team’s current and future needs
  • Helping managers and team leads resolve personnel challenges, get the most out of each team member, and plan for future growth
  • Performing interviews to assess fit for engineering and product talent
  • Helping to build out a culture of user-centric design, fueled primarily by a strong user research process

Specialty Areas

  • Product Management: Building roadmaps, fostering a product and team culture of constant experimentation and learning, defining/tracking/reporting on the right KPIs, building frameworks and systems to facilitate data-driven decisions, translating new technologies and APIs into opportunities, performing regular competitive analysis
  • Full-Stack Web Apps: Built and scaled numerous web apps leveraging technologies all across the stack: front-end (HTML/CSS, SPA with React.js, Backbone.js, etc), back-end (Ruby on Rails, .NET, etc), RESTful API design and maintenance, testing and TDD
  • iOS Apps: Built and launched two major apps into App Store in both Objective-C and Swift, designed efficient workflows for agile release workflows, adding key libraries for metrics tracking, implementing animations
  • Team Management: Learning to understand and empathize with individuals on the team, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, improving 1on1s, balancing time between management and technical work, optimizing team processes (e.g. retrospectives) and working toward improved team satisfaction & retention, building recruiting pipelines, conducting effective interviews
  • User Experience: Copy design, onboarding experience (by focusing on ease of use and design details, was able to get 80+% completion where similar onboarding experiences typically achieve 40-50%), branding, UI consistency
  • User Research: Conducting user surveys, interviews, customer outreach and identifying approaches of how to analyze data (and avoid pitfalls of drawing incorrect conclusions from user data)
  • Consumer Marketing: Building a systematic process to analyze a wide net of different marketing channels for effectiveness, identify potential high return channels and focus marketing efforts intensely onto those (bullseye technique to find traction)
  • Public Speaking: Informed by countless teaching and speaking sessions, training team members to identify the right content to present at networking events / conferences, and becoming better speakers / brand ambassadors to help with company recruiting and marketing goals

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I've given talks on a variety of topics, ranging from deep technical sessions for developers to deep dives on how to build startups to MBA students:

I'm occasionally available for select speaking engagements -- if you have an event you'd like me to speak at, please inquire here.


  • iXperience, Cape Town

    I flew to Cape Town to build an entirely new education program -- our goal was to teach web development skills to students from all across America, while immersed in a totally new environment where they could take on local internships and community outreach. I wrote a very detailed account of my incredible experience on Medium. The relationship I built with the students cannot be described in words, but the students gifted me with a special site with parting words about their experience learning from me: http://salman.ixperience.co.za. I may never receive a more incredible gift!

  • General Assembly, NYC & SF

    My relationship with GA started by teaching BEWD (Back-End Web Development) in New York, which was an incredibly fun experience. Some of my students are my best friends today, and it taught me how amazing the experience of teaching can be. Since then, I've had the chance to give numerous talks, sit on countless panels, and most recently started teaching a workshop on Building Startup Ideas.


  • Medium Blog
    Collection of my thoughts on topics ranging from technology, productivity, inspiration, and more.

  • Newsletter: Laugh & Learn
    Curating the best articles to help you learn about development & design, increase your productivity, find inspiration, and remember to laugh.

  • Comedy: Dare to Rant
    I'm not really sure how to describe Dare To Rant, other than to say it's the place I go when I want to really rant about something (admittedly, it's been a while!). These are long-form essays purely for your entertainment and my venting purposes. Read with a smile :)


I'm a major audiophile, and particularly love progressive house and techno, as well as Bhangra and Bollywood (Indian music). My favorite artist is Eric Prydz, and I have seen him all over the world (London, SF, NYC, Toronto, Miami and more... Yes, I'm obsessed!). I take the music I love and use DJing as a creative outlet to share it with the world. You can listen to my sets below... I spin as DJ Dare. Enjoy!